IPC Land Pattern/Footprint Calculator

I have been meaning to make my KiCad passive land pattern libraries compliant with the IPC-7531 industry standard.

The following is the IPC spreadsheet calculator I made for my own use (it’s been adapted to fit my needs):

Camilo RCL SMD CHIP IPC Calculator

note: this spreadsheet makes heavy use of the indirect function in Libre Office Calc, if you are having trouble check this

Also here are a couple of free calculators and resources you can find online to help you:


2 thoughts on “IPC Land Pattern/Footprint Calculator

  1. Hi Camilo,

    I’m interested on how to design PCB for my own designs, not for a profesional use. I’ve looked into land pattern’s calculation and I found your blog. The spreadsheet that you share is veru useful and complete.
    Thank you very much for sharing it.

    Fran Lozano

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