Repetitive Strain Injury – A good article for computer users

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2 thoughts on “Repetitive Strain Injury – A good article for computer users

  1. I have to disagree with Clay’s suggestion that switching your mouse to your left hand is not a working solution. It’s a brilliant solution which I’ve used many times in the past 3+ decades of typing. The tactic would be to move your mouse to your left side for, say, odd-numbered years and back to the right for even ones. You swap the left/right mouse buttons (if you’re using a physically-symmetrical mouse) and you end up developing skills in this under-used hand. Trust me, you’ll get to the point where you can do intricate drawings with your left hand.

    I definitely recommend learning and then memorizing the myriad hot keys and keyboard commands in the many softwares which you use frequently. If I wanted to, I could likely use everything without a mouse on my own computer here, if challenged to do so.

    I disagree about avoiding laptops. Use a laptop and then add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combination like the Microsoft Scult, for example. Putting the keyboard on top of your legs (while seated) is a very comfortable position with a natural wrist-angle, actually.

    I would recommend climbing as a sport which will naturally stretch the muscles in your forearms, promoting stronger hand muscles, better circulation and more attention to posture.

    About three times per day, I force myself to leave my desk at work, take a walk to the breakroom/bathroom and on the way I’ll wiggle my hands while shaking them. It does a great job in reminding yourself to relax your wrists and it gets extra blood down into your fingers.

    For an entire year when I was younger I suffered greatly from an RSI which I’d setup myself by going to the gym and doing “standing rope forearm” exercises. This then set the tone for a very painful year. I was forced to then do the research on this topic and I’m glad to say that I’ve not had a reoccurence since then.

    • I agree with all of your points here. I myself use the mouse with my right hand (I am left handed), I have also learned to write with my right hand, which evens out some of the workload on both hands.

      Rest and micro breaks are very important as well, as is a good posture and healthy work habits.

      Thanks for the comment!

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