Nutch1 Quick Tutorial, Learning to Crawl

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7 thoughts on “Nutch1 Quick Tutorial, Learning to Crawl

  1. Hi, I have the situation to integrate solr nutch in drupal 7
    I have integrated the solr-4.10.4 with drupal 7 through module the search operation works fine with the apache solr search(module) that available in drupal7. the Point is to fetch the hyper links that are available on the page. so that i found apache nutch is fine. but i have configured the Solr in drupal with the following change of files in solr. 1)schema.xml 2)solrconfig.xml 3)protwords.xml from drupal module.

    how to connect all these solr4.10.4 nutch1.12 and drupal7 kindly help in this.

    • Hi Karthik, unfortunately I am no longer working on this project and I can not help you. But, have you thought about joining the mailing lists of the Solr and Nutch projects, there you can probably find people that can help you.

  2. Everything works fine apart from indexing this output comes and there in nothing in elastic search

    Elastic Version: 1.7.2
    Nutch 1.13

    Indexer: starting at 2017-06-12 13:42:24
    Indexer: deleting gone documents: false
    Indexer: URL filtering: false
    Indexer: URL normalizing: false
    Active IndexWriters :
    elastic.cluster : elastic prefix cluster : hostname
    elastic.port : port
    elastic.index : elastic index command : elastic bulk index doc counts. (default 250)
    elastic.max.bulk.size : elastic bulk index length in bytes. (default 2500500)
    elastic.exponential.backoff.millis : elastic bulk exponential backoff initial delay in milliseconds. (default 100)
    elastic.exponential.backoff.retries : elastic bulk exponential backoff max retries. (default 10)
    elastic.bulk.close.timeout : elastic timeout for the last bulk in seconds. (default 600)

    Indexer: number of documents indexed, deleted, or skipped:
    Indexer: finished at 2017-06-12 13:42:41, elapsed: 00:00:17

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